Insurance Claims Process

Complete Inspection

We are commited to a thorough inspection of your property and will document all damage to report to the insurance company. Take photographs of damage to review with you and explain the repair process .

Establish Claim

We will assist you in filing your claim with the insurance company and be there when the adjuster meeting takes place.

Review Adjuster's Findings

Review the adjuster's findings and compare to our original scope. Supplement any missed damage by the insurance adjuster.


We will educate on the products available for your home/roof that will fit your budget. You will be educated on the "Norwood Roofing System" and why our system is important for the protection of the interior of your home.

Complete All Repairs

Complete all repairs and replacement with high quality materials and professional labor. This would be a great time to make any upgrades that you may want.

Assist In Final Invoice

Assist with preparing a final invoice to send to your insurance company. Offer continued support even after the roof is completed.

The Myth and Facts About Insurance Claims
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The Myth and Facts about Insurance Claims

The Myth and Facts about Insurance Claims

Whether its hail storms, high winds, or twisting tornadoes, we get our share of roof damage here in the Texas/Oklahoma Tornado Corridor. When severe storms occur, it seems that “roofing contractors” appear instantly … almost as if from vapor. Many are really nothing more than “traveling salesmen” that are here to make a quick buck and get out of town! Insurance Carriers Dread the Chaos these Contractors Leave Behind. NORWOOD ROOFING SYSTEMS has a staff of professionals with years of experience in both insurance adjusting and the roofing business. We have successfully worked with nearly every insurance carrier in business today. This involves more than just repairing or replacing roofs. NORWOOD ROOFING SYSTEMS has the experience and knowledge required to properly measure and provide the information necessary for the Adjuster, who is representing your Insurance Carrier, to make an immediate Claim Settlement. This settlement will normally include a check written to you, for the current value of your roof less your deductible amount. Normally when a contract is executed or the work is complete for the agreed upon roof replacement or repair amount (depending on your Carrier), the remainder or recoverable depreciation holdback from the “Replacement Cost Value” will be forwarded to you by your Carrier.


MYTH: Insurance Carriers require that you must have 3 Bids before you can begin your roof replacement work. That’s just NOT true!

FACT: NORWOOD ROOFING SYSTEMS services are available for emergency repairs immediately after storms damaged your home. The cost of these repairs qualify for reimbursement from your Insurance Carrier if they are properly documented, are considered reasonable and are deemed to have been necessary to protect your home from further damage. In fact if you ask your Insurance Agent, they will explain that it is your responsibility, as stated in your Homeowner Insurance Policy, to have these emergency repairs made as quickly as possible to mitigate further damage.

FACT: NORWOOD ROOFING SYSTEMS will also be available to meet with the Adjuster, on your roof, to resolve any discrepancies discovered in the scope of the damages and provide the necessary detail of an Estimate as required. Our representatives have the ability to “speak the language” of Adjusters and understand the importance of seeking agreement on the scope of “damages as a direct result of the storm”.

FACT: NORWOOD ROOFING SYSTEMS is local! We have teams covering the entire DWF area. What this all means to you as a valued Homeowner, is that IF you ever have a problem within the Warranty Period, NORWOOD ROOFING SYSTEMS is a phone call away. Our representatives will be prompt and courteous and we will thoroughly inspect your roof to determine the issue. If NORWOOD ROOFING SYSTEMS finds any failure or problem in our work or the materials that we supplied, we will immediately schedule the work necessary to repair it. Norwood Roofing Systems is here to help you through every process of your insurance claim, from filing to the completion of all repairs or replacements. You’re not alone.

Call the professionals at: “Norwood Roofing Systems” (469) 714-ROOF (7663)